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1、Antioxidant property of elements

The element starts to being oxidized over 800 ℃ in air, and Si02 protective film will be generated on the surface of hot zone when temperature get to 1000-1300℃ ; Cistoba lite will be cry-stallized at 1300 ℃ the protect film get t(a certain thickness when the temperature get to 1500 ℃which make the oxidation speed being very slowly to stable If continue to be heated to over 1627℃, the protect film will be damaged and oxidation speed will be more rapid evidently and make the element damaged earlier.

Though the element will be oxidized very slowly in course of application, it also will make the resistance increased following long time application, this phenomenon calls ageing, In order to lower the ageing speed,we use special technology to spreed a protect film on the surface of hot zone in course of production,which enhance the Antioxid ant property of element evidently and lengthen the service life.

2、The effects of alkali and alkaline metal oxide to elements.

The alkali & alkaline metal oxide will react with SiC at about 1300 ℃ and generate slialte, which calls alkalichemical corrosion, and can influence the glowing of element.

3、The effects to elements from melting metal

Some metals, such as cobalt, nickel, chrome and so on, can corrade the element in high temperature melting state and affect the service life of element.